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In this book is a common sense approach to identifying the obstacles people face as they pursue happiness (and how to overcome those obstacles). Using analogies, humor, and personal experiences – both tragic and uplifting – Dr. Ric Vandett provides a thought-provoking guide to personal growth and happiness.

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Jane M. Everson, PhD
University of South Carolina School of Medicine

“Reading this book is like sitting down over a cup of coffee with a new friend – and not wanting to finish the cup of coffee because you know there’s so much more to learn about yourself just from listening to your new friend.”

Hank Guess
Mayor, Hickory, NC

“Ric Vandett’s book is a crash course on self-reflection and self-direction. His ability to write honestly . . . is essential reading for today’s often turbulent world.”

Tracy Hall
Executive Director,
Catawba Science Center

“A powerful and heartfelt journey through Dr. Vandett’s life. . . Through his experiences and faith, he enlightens us as to how to achieve the ultimate goal of leading a happy and fulfilling life while making a difference in the lives of others.”

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About the Author

Dr. Ric Vandett

Dr. Vandett retired in 2009 from public education after serving three years as Superintendent of Hickory Public Schools, Hickory, NC. During a 34-year career in education, he taught high school English and coached football and basketball. As an administrator, he served as a middle school assistant principal, elementary school principal, Director of Instruction, Assistant Superintendent, and Superintendent of Schools.

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