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In this book is a common sense approach to identifying the obstacles people face as they pursue happiness (and how to overcome those obstacles). Using analogies, humor, and personal experiences – both tragic and uplifting – Dr. Ric Vandett provides a thought-provoking guide to personal growth and happiness.

It’s a book meant to help those in need. While incredible advances have been made in technology, advances in human interaction and in personal self-confidence have not kept pace with the growth of technology. Thus, facing life’s difficulties, with no road map on how to overcome those difficulties, has left many people with feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and depression.

These feelings become hurdles to achieving personal growth and happiness. But with some of the incredibly practical ideas in this book, just about any person can get up and soar over them.


When I was a high school teacher, I found myself talking to and counseling many young people on how to face some of life’s difficulties. I often used analogies to help my students understand the points I was trying to make, and I have put some of those analogies along with my thoughts on how to best face and overcome the hurdles in the following pages.


… life is not like a hundred-meter dash. Instead, it is more like a one–hundred meter hurdle race: same starting point; same goals. Only now there are obstacles in the way.


I saw the movie White Men Can’t Jump, so I knew I would have difficulty jumping over a hurdle. But the idea, seriously, is simply to overcome the hurdle by any means possible.

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